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Miriam has written an article on the use of libido enhancers, and one of the main things she examined in this article is why the use of Spanish fly also works on men. Spanish Fly was only most of the times just watched and heard about from the year 1980s in the fraternities house sex comedies. It is a natural aphrodisiac. Its fundamental use was for it to be mixed in favorite drinks for women to drink and enhance their sexual life by facilitating an extraordinary and fulfilling quick climax. The use of these enhancers is likewise also perfect for the male gender for their physical excitement and arousal of their manhood to give the best sexual feeling one can have in their lifetime.

The natural defensive mechanism of the blister beetle, a subspecies of the Spanish fly, is the secretion of the chemical component cantharidin. Just like human beings, every animal has their way of protecting themselves and their families from danger when attacked and cornered by an enemy. The chemical secretion is what is used by human beings as a sexual enhancer.