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Miriam is a licensed marine biologist who works at the intersection of policy, biology, and communication, her main specialization being on the herbal sexual enhancers. She received a Ph.D. in biological oceanography and a master’s degree in marine biology. She is currently a legislative assistant with the office of the congress woman Jackie Speier. Miriam teaches people how they can boost their libido by using the herbal enhancers. This helps to enhance and boost their sexual urges. This works for people with a low libido level, this means that such people have a low sexual drive in their reproductive systems.

Her main area of specialization is dealing with problems and issues regarding sexual adversities and sexual enhancers. She even says that she has tried some of these enhancers to boost her libido levels and increase her sexual urge and they worked just fine for her. She mostly teaches people why Spanish fly, one of the many libido enhancers she has tried, works perfectly for men. The use of Spanish fly is a nice way to boost and enhance one’s libido, she says that the use of a fake Spanish fly can cause damage to the human body, one should be very careful when purchasing the product to keep a distance from harm’s way. It is also advisable that one should use the right dosage as advised.