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Everything you need to know about Cantharidin

Everything you need to know about Cantharidin

Cantharidin has become popular in the last few years. Otherwise known as Spanish Fly, it is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs today. 

Many people love potions to boost their sexual life and this is one of them. Cantharidin has been available in the market for a long time and is surely one of the most popular products. A few drops of Spanish Fly Pro will eventually get your lady love turned on in a few minutes. Also, not only women, it is considered to be healthy for men as well because it gives out a strong erection. 

Spanish Fly obtained from Cantharidin isn’t like your general sexual boosting product that only makes promises and delivers no results.[1] Wondering why? Knowing Cantharidin’s origin will help you get the answer. 

Where does Cantharidin come from? 

Cantharidin is obtained from blister beetles. It is from here that the Spanish Fly is made as well. The popularity and use of Cantharidin dates back to centuries. Moreover, there have been various stories surrounding the origin of this substance that has made it extremely popular among all. 

It is believed that Cantharidin was mostly used by the Roman emperors and empresses to have a good sexual life. The beetles were dried, crushed and mixed in liquids and drank for sexual arousal. 

Consuming the drink helped to promote a feeling of warmth and did not give way for attraction.[2] The feeling of warmth was mostly due to swelling around the genitals and inflammation rather than attraction. Spanish Fly however helped them achieve stronger erections and even stronger orgasms. 

Chemistry of Cantharidin

This odorless and colorless substance belongs to the terpenoid class as it is secreted by the beetles. If used in large doses, this can prove to be extremely harmful as it can turn into a burning agent or poison. 

Cantharidin is usually secreted by male blister beetles and during the copulation process is passed on to the female blister beetles. This is further used by the female blister beetles to protect her eggs from the predators – and it does a fairly good job at that. 

Cantharidin can prove to be a blistering agent if it is used externally. But if it is used in large amounts internally for humans it can turn out to be a poison. It is for this reason that it is advised to use Spanish Fly in limited amounts. 

Cantharidin as an aphrodisiac

Cantharidin is surely one of the best aphrodisiacs available in the market to boost the overall health. If you have been looking for a potent solution to spice up your sex life then this surely can be it.[3]

Cantharidin consumption swells up the genital area, thereby leading to inflammation. This further sends up a complete warmth feeling around the body. This warmth feeling further helps in sensing arousal. Cantharidin or Spanish Fly is consumed by both men and women. 

While it helps women to get into the mood faster, it makes men get hard erections.[4] Another prominent aspect to consider is that it also helps in increasing the duration and sexual stamina for a better and steamy sex session.

Does it have health risks?

Not using Spanish Fly products as per the recommended amount can pose a number of health risks such as painful urination, abdominal pain, or convulsions. 

It’s why you need to look at a safer alternative. Spanish Fly Pro is completely safe to use.  You don’t have to worry about any side effects with this one.[5] It helps better your libido, leading to a better sex life. 

You can order it online – and get it delivered right to your home. Without any side effects, you can take them as you want – and get to spend some beautiful time with your partner.  Follow the prescribed amounts, and the results will be there for you to see before you know it.


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