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Why Spanish Fly Works Perfectly on Men

Why Spanish Fly Works Perfectly on Men

As a natural aphrodisiac Spanish Fly with early discovery was mostly watched and heard from the 1980s fraternities house sex comedies. The main use of this aphrodisiac was mixing in the favorite beverage for the ladies sexual enhancement and bring out the great and satisfying rapid orgasm. The use of this sex enhancer is also ideal for the male gender for the physical arousal of the manhood to give the best sexual performance of the century.

The early traditional natural discovery of the Spanish Fly from the insect’s effects and the modern existence of the same from the meloid beetles and commonly known as the blister beetles the subspecies of the Spanish flies the sporadical acquisition and administrated as aphrodisiacs. The Insects produce the most chemically proved element of cantharidin.

The defensive natural mechanism of the blister beetles by secretion of the chemical cantharidin that later acts as an aphrodisiac is metaphorical. As every insect and animals have the natural fight back mechanism when corned by the enemy. The chemical causes blister and severe to predators and offers the beetles the survival tactics.

The beetles secrete the creamy fluid containing cantharidin from the limbs joints the process of more chemical quantity is a natural mechanism. The insects undertake the mating season in a special way as the male beetle packages the sperms and offer to the female beetle to fertilize the eggs at her own pleasure. The female beetle can disregard the unpleasant packets, the male insect takes the initiative of producing other enticing bonus packets of cantharidin. The female covers the eggs with the cantharidin to shield the eggs from the predators that may harm the eggs. The researcher involved in the behavior study of the beetles gave the name of the package as a conjugal gift. The fascinating observation of the beetles by the people made them come up with the impression of the chemical as a boost during intercourse.

The skin irritation caused by cantharidin from the beetles can only be a revelation from people who have come in to contact with it. The medicinal benefits of the external application of cantharidin in “birthmarks” removal, tattoos, and warts. The ingestion of the chemical also causes the irritation feeling after absorption in the body the residue excretion through urine causes the urethra lining discomfort in female although due to the internal irritation the external effects are hard to detect, men encounter the swelling of the urethra area which enhances a prolonged erection, which is ideal for satisfying sexual intercourse.

In most cases, the erection was useless for someone who did not have a partner to fulfill the sex life with. The ancient time discovery of the cantharidin chemical did not deter the people from administering doses to the bridegroom for an exotic honeymoon. They also took doses of the chemical for their own pleasurable nights. As there are hazardous effects of overuse of any chemical in the human body Lucretius the philosopher and poet gossip has it that his demise was a result of cantharidin overdose from the blister beetle.

The genuine Spanish Fly with the correct doses is much difficult to cause death, the purchase of the legitimate Spanish fly with the right cantharidin element is paramount, and for the fake ones with the administering of negligible overdose can bring about a fatal erection that can only be subdued with medicinal attention. The use of fake products can also lead to severe abdomen ache, breathing issues and heart problem, passing out bloody urine, kidney damage, seizures, and unconsciousness and in severe cases cause death. The modern medical research has brought about the invention of safe and easy to access erection and libido enhancing medicine. The “Spanish fly “credibility has been uncertain of late, meloid beetle poisoning has tremendously dropped for the adults have been cautious currently.

The latest medical reports that sensationalize the media are of toddlers who in the curiosity stage get in to contact with the beetles that hurt the innocent infants. The modern medicinal treatment in the hospital can cure the fatal effects of cantharidin chemical if the patient gets prompt medical attention.

While the right doses can be used in the right condition to boost your sex life, and romance, but if valentine day spent with unpleasant state of the body that required medical attention keep your romantic life boosted with chocolate boxes.

Do you know what should a good Spanish Fly product contains?


Caffeine is a chemical that is mostly found in various plant species including guarana, tea, coffee, and mate. Initially many people used it to improve their mental alertness, but today women use it to improve their sexual drive and makes them go wild in bed. Caffeine helps to boost women’s sex drive and mood, a new study has established.

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The plant that gives us guarana is native to Brazil and it is a dried paste made by crushing the seeds of a woody shrub, and it was named after the Guarani tribe who have are the earliest people to have been found to use the shrub.

The fruits contain as much as 10% caffeine which is higher than what you get in coffee or in tea, and this makes it a more potent CNS stimulant.

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L-Arginine HCL

The Arginine HCL formula is a synthetic variant of the very similar amino acid, which combines to hydrogen chloride molecule that is obtained in both powder and capsule forms.

Athletes mostly use this recipe to stimulate their oxygen supply and the flow of blood fluids in the body during intense workout sessions. With certain occasions, using that herbal enhancer give an excellent effect.

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Maca Extract

Maca extract is an effective libido booster, sex enhancer and also acts as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. This extract is available in Spanish Fly pro and has proven to be powerful to many users. In fact, when I take this herb, it usually improves my energy levels, vitality, and overall sexual health. There are many formulas available for using this herb, and you choose to add it to your drinks, food, chocolate and even in the nutrition bars.

You can get Maca in plain powder, but it is usually sold as an extract. The Maca extract is more powerful compared to the regular powder, but you can choose that best suits your preferences.

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Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is taken by mouth and can be used by both men and women to improve their sex drive. It is taken in doses of between 200mg to 400mg daily for general “preventative” medication although some studies indicate usage of the drug in multivitamin suggest doses as low as 40mg could be bioactive. Panax Ginseng contains many active ingredients believed to be most important which are called ginsenosides or panaxosides. It is used by men with erectile dysfunction and can also be applied to prevent premature ejaculation.

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Tribulus Terrestris

Some of the qualities I liked about Tribulus Terrestris include that it has been used since the ancient times. This means that the plants that make this herb was being used by the ancient people.

The people who lived in those days had already identified the medicinal benefits of this particular plant. Because of this, I knew that this herbal enhancer must have certain outstanding qualities that make it effective. This gave me more courage to try it out.

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Zinc Gluconate

Zinc gluconate can be used by any person as long as you have a doctor’s prescription. The herb should be taken correctly as it is written on the label or according to the doctor’s prescription. You should take zinc gluconate with a full glass of water. If your stomach is easily agitated like mine, you can take zinc gluconate with food.

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