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New Study reveals that certain herbs can put women in the mood for sex. As a professional woman, I have dealt with herbal enhancers for a very long time now. I constantly had wrangled with my husband because I had lost interest and drive to have sex every time he came begging. I could not imagine that one day I will be intimate with him for sex. I would arrive home late and sit in the living room watching pornographic movies and none of those helped to rekindle my lost sex life.

I remember my husband once took me to a psychiatrist to check whether I had developed any mental problem or not. Lack of sex made my marriage to almost break up. I researched online about the best female supplements that could revamp my sex drive without getting any result. I tried many to use many herbs like Macca extract, Panax Ginseng, Zinc Gluconate and the other aphrodisiac.

Overview Information

Caffeine is a chemical that is mostly found in various plant species including guarana, tea, coffee, and mate. Initially many people used it to improve their mental alertness, but today women use it to improve their sexual drive and makes them go wild in bed.

Caffeine helps to boost women’s sex drive and mood, a new study has established. Here are some reasons why tea or coffee lovers are awesome in bed:

  • It Increases Female Libido – Scientists have found out that caffeine makes ladies horny. It increases the blood flow to their genitalia; those who drink caffeine herbs once or twice a week have high arousal levels. I bet every man would want to have a properly aroused partner. Having a high libido is the key to a good sex life.
  • Reduces Stress – Sex depends on how well you are psychologically prepared. But studies have revealed that coffee can help to reduce stress. If a woman or man is not stressed during sex, then they are likely to enjoy themselves while in bed. Less stressed women or men make best lovers.
  • Their Brains work – Better Smart people will always make good lovers. Caffeine herbs will make your brain to work faster and better while making your husband happy in bed. It will assist you to have multiple orgasms while enjoying sex together with your husband in bed.

Who Can Use Caffeine Herb?

This herb is mostly used by women who want to boost their libido and sex drive, but can also be used by men to help them improve their sexual performance.

Positive Effects and Results

It Improves Sex Drive in Women

Caffeine helps to boost the libido levels of women and thus helps to improve their mood for sex. It increases the flow of blood to their genital parts which increases their arousal levels which makes them beg for more sex. It will allow them to have multiple orgasms which can make sex even more enjoyable and filled with fun.

Make Women Horny

Women who would like to entice their men for sex use coffee or tea some hours before intercourse. This will make them horny, and their men will start admiring them even before they come close to them and later have pleasurable sex with them.

Increases Sexual Appetite

Research has shown that women who take caffeine herbs once or twice a week are likely to have a higher sex appetite than those who do not. It makes women have sex more frequently, and this makes their husbands love them more.

Neutral Effects

Taking high doses of caffeine is highly discouraged as it can lead to addiction.

Why Should You Use Caffeine Herb?

Women who have low sex drive are encouraged to use this herb as it will help to boost their levels of libido and thus improve their sex drive.

Caffeine is one of the powerful herbs contained in Spanish Fly Pro that has produced positive results for many users.


From my experience, Caffeine herb is one the most effective sexual improvements herbs available on the market today. I can now confess that this herb works after it rescued my marriage which was almost breaking up due to my low sex drive. The herb has boosted my sexual drive, and I can now have sex with my husband as many times as possible. You can also try it out today.



Guarana in Herbal Aphrodisiacs As a woman, we have it rough, as soon as menopause hits, our libido takes a nosedive and it can be overwhelming not being able to fulfill our sexual needs. Worse still it can lead to your spouse cheating, with younger women whom you cannot compete with.

I was in that precarious situation and after trying several types of aphrodisiacs, I chose to go the herbal way. The best I have found to date has to be the Spanish Fly Pro, which is a natural non-prescription dietary supplement that has been found to enhances sexual arousal in women and the ability to have orgasms.

After more than 20 years of progressing my career, it was getting harder to maintain a work-life balance with a rapidly decreasing sexual drive. The Spanish Fly Pro has guarana as an ingredient and this makes it perfect for not only us women, but also for couples who want to improve their sexual drive for a happy relationship.

Spanish Fly Pro Make Up

The Spanish Fly Pro is a combination of various herbal aphrodisiacs and it has been found to be the best-approved aphrodisiac by the FDA among other agencies.

It is made up of:

  • Guarana – 8%
  • L-Arginine HCI
  • Caffeine
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Tribulus Terrestris – 60%


The plant that gives us guarana is native to Brazil and it is a dried paste made by crushing the seeds of a woody shrub, and it was named after the Guarani tribe who have are the earliest people to have been found to use the shrub.

The fruits contain as much as 10% caffeine which is higher than what you get in coffee or in tea, and this makes it a more potent CNS stimulant.

Who Ought to Use Guarana

The presence of Tannins and Saponins give guarana muscle relaxation effects as well as skeletal, cardiac, and CNS muscle stimulation. They also help in increasing the secretion of the gastric acid in the stomach. The fruits also contain Saponins and Tannins, which have several other benefits leave alone improving the libido.

Guarana is now an active ingredient in many anti-smoking products, weight loss products, mass gainers, as well as in energy drinks. I still have pains understanding the report by Jesuit Missionaries who say the Guarani used the shrub for an energy boost. It is said the warriors would go for at least 2 days without food, with that in mind, I could not pass up on this amazing and herbal aphrodisiac.

Positive Effects of Using Guarana

Guarana has several factors and despite the increase of synthetic and cheaper aphrodisiacs, it packs several positive benefits to the body and the mind:

  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts weight loss
  • Improved mental health
  • Healthy skin
  • Improved libido
  • Reduces fatigue and gives an energy boost
  • It has anti-cancer effects
  • Oxidizing properties

The above are only a number of the benefits of using guarana, and writing them all will require a whole article. Despite this, guarana has several side effects and it is best to monitor your health regularly.

Side Effects of Using Guarana

I was at a point of desperation before I decided to give herbal aphrodisiac sexual enhancer a try. This blinded me to the several side effects of guarana on your health.

The side effects will depend on the dosage ingested but I did not experience any of these side effects:

  • Increase in heart rate and blood pressure
  • Stomach irritation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia when taken close to bedtime
  • Diuresis
  • Nervousness and restlessness

Again these are only some of the negative side effects of using the enhancer. For those of us that have reached the terrifying menopause, then guarana is the dietary supplement for you. It will certainly increase your sexual drive and you can live a more contented life.


Guarana has been used for centuries, and only when ingested in the proper dosage, can you get the benefits. However, you ought to avoid taking the herb close to bedtime since the restlessness caused by increased heart rate will cause insomnia.

The Spanish Fly Pro is best taken with red wine although you can take to with any other beverage. I have had a better sex life than I was when I was younger and my husband loves it.

I would recommend the herb to every woman with the mounting pressure to perform in the bedroom.

L-Arginine HCL

L-Arginine HCL

Throughout my long medical career, I have accumulated a vast array of knowledge in sexual issues. Lack of sexual desire is a primary dysfunction which is affecting the human of this generation.

The lack of sexual drive in a human body is generally caused due to various reasons such as medication, hormonal irregularities, etc. A mass portion of our society is getting affected by sexual dysfunctions today.

A fast-growing reliance on them sees the growth of natural supplements in the market. The reason behind their rapid success is their guarantee of safety. As an expert, I recommend every individual to be extremely careful while choosing the right enhancer for both performances as well as protection.

Herbal sexual enhancer called L-Arginine HCL

Until very recently I came across a herbal sexual enhancer called L-Arginine HCL. I will try to review the product in the best neutral way possible. It is a semi-essential amino acid, which is energetically vital for many internal human processes.

The Arginine HCL formula is a synthetic variant of the very similar amino acid, which combines to hydrogen chloride molecule that is obtained in both powder and capsule forms.

Athletes mostly use this recipe to stimulate their oxygen supply and the flow of blood fluids in the body during intense workout sessions. With certain occasions, using that herbal enhancer give an excellent effect.

The enhancer provides quality benefits upon usage:

  • Pain in the chest (angina) – Having L-Arginine decreases the symptoms and betters the allowance degree of practise and standard of life with angina. The disease cannot be cured by the enhancer itself.
  • Male ED – Regular consumption of five grs from L-Arginine can better the intimate functioning of men from erectile dysfunction. Although having smaller dosage might not help, putting forty mgs of Pycnogenol thrice a day can supplement for the low dosage of L-Arginine.
  • High blood pressure – Improvements are seen in patients, which are suffering from high BP or diabetes who have had L-Arginine on a consistent basis.
  • Inflammation in premature babies – Including L-arginine to the formula prevents inflammation on the gastrointestinal nerve pathway in premature babies.
  • Nitrate allowance – Regular consumption of 700 mgs L-Arginine can arrest nitrate allowance in people having nitroglycerin for pain in the chest.
  • Leg pain assorted to subdued flow of blood – Post researching the product, reports say that consuming the specific product for eight weeks straight can increase the flow of blood in the legs. But, it does not increase the leg speed.
  • Recovering after surgery – Consuming L-Arginine with RNA and EPA pre or post the surgery helps to boil down the healing period.
  • Steep BP while being pregnant – Consumption of the herbal enhancer can boil down the BP of a woman in her pregnancy.

Herbal formula that is extracted from components

For many, having L-Arginine HCL is relatively secured. It can become a cause of several unexpected occurrences like diarrhea, allergies and airway inflammations or exasperate of asthma. The acid is possibly secured with children when used through the mouth in premature babies.

Throughout my long career in this field, I have had many experiences with herbal aphrodisiacs. L-Arginine HCL is a herbal formula that is extracted from many components and acids from nature.

Highly prevalent herb among its users

The herb is in the Spanish Fly Pro and is highly prevalent among its users. The feedback has been tremendous, and they have suggested more people use it. I am medical personnel, and it is my responsibility to analyze a product and then give a final verdict to the customers.

Except for this herb Spanish Fly Pro includes:

  • Maca extract is an integral part of the composition
  • 60% of the form is Tribulus Terrestris
  • 8% of the structure is Guarana
  • Caffeine is also part of the ingredients that used for the balance.
  • Panax Ginseng is another ingredient that is crucial in the formula
  • Zinc Gluconate is an essential component of the herbal enhancer.


After carefully going through different aspects of the herb such as the composition, the benefits, the doses and benefits, I have come to the understanding that despite having some unclear or minor side effects, the enhancer is very helpful for the user end there are benefits for using the supplement for many users.

Maca Extract

Maca Extract

Many herbs have been classified as aphrodisiacs. However, these drugs have different effects and work distinctively.

Some of them have physical effects, but others work well by increasing the blood flow in the genitals without any side effect.

So far I have tried so many herbal aphrodisiacs and herbs including the Maca extract, L-Arginine HCL, Tribulus Terrestris 60%, Guarana 8%, Caffeine, Panax Ginseng and Zinc gluconate.

Effective libido booster

Maca extract is an effective libido booster, sex enhancer and also acts as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. This extract is available in Spanish Fly pro and has proven to be powerful to many users. In fact, when I take this herb, it usually improves my energy levels, vitality, and overall sexual health. There are many formulas available for using this herb, and you choose to add it to your drinks, food, chocolate and even in the nutrition bars.

You can get Maca in plain powder, but it is usually sold as an extract. The Maca extract is more powerful compared to the regular powder, but you can choose that best suits your preferences. The Maca root haves 10% protein, 60% carbohydrates, 2% fats and 8% dietary fiber. It contains minerals that include the calcium, selenium, iron, and magnesium. It also has fatty acids, palmitic acid, oleic acid and linolenic acid.

Who can use Maca Extract?

Woman and men can use this herb. It usually works effectively by boosting the sexual life and by enhancing the hormonal balance among other positive effects. You should take a dose of 500g to 2, 000 daily and when using it for a long-term; you should not exceed 500 mg every day.

It is also essential to take a week off every month when using this product. Benefits of Maca Extract There are many substantial benefits associated with Maca extract. Here are some of its effects:

  1. Increases sexual health – For people who have reduced sexual desire, this herb naturally boosts the libido. For me, this extract is effective in improving my satisfaction and sexual desire. Though female dysfunction is determined by several factors that include the age, nutritional status, and lifestyle, this product will work well with no cynical effects.
  2. Normalizes Menopause Symptoms – The root of Maca has a hormone enhancer that contains phytochemical content and has high nutrients density. Studies have shown that this supplement regulates menopause symptoms that include hot flushes, night sweats, depression, and sleep disruptions. Similar research also indicates that most women who take this herb receive significant relief when having menopause symptoms.
  3. Improves your mood – Maca extract contains various minerals that include iodine, zinc and fatty acids. The minerals help to improve the mood as well as balance the sex hormones. After using this herb, my general mood usually gets better, and this also has an impact on my arousal level. Research also shows that this extract helps to improve overall brain health just like the cognitive-enhancement drugs. Essential fatty acids are usually known to be effective in stabilizing the cognitive function, rational, and analytical skills.
  4. Improves fertility –    Men and woman usually have a lot of concern with infertility. A study had shown that the Maca root had a positive impact on fertility when it was done in animals. This research supports the traditional claim that this herb is a fertility enhancer. In women, it enhances the luteinizing hormone that is associated with fertility.
  5. Enhances energy and bone density – Maca extract is rich in many minerals that include proteins and fatty acids. These nutrients improve the energy levels. Studies have shown that this herb improves an athlete performance and when used in daily routine helps to bring back the spring. For women who regularly have a problem with bone density due to age, for me, this extract has naturally improved my general bone health.

Side effects

There is no any side effect that results from the Maca extract. Published studies have indicated that a lot of safety measures have been taken when extracting this herb including the toxicity level.

However, you should not take this drug daily for months. It is good to take off one or two days every month.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Maca extract is a safe herb that enables a person to increase libido, energy level, brain health, bone density and some people use it to add flavor to food. Some indigenous people also use the Maca root as daily food. For a woman, you can use this herb to regulate your menopause symptoms or to improve hormonal balance.

Go for this extract if you want to improve your sexual health and ensure that you don’t use it daily for the whole month.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng

An Aphrodisiac or a love drug is a substance meant to increase sex drive. Panax Ginseng is an example of an Aphrodisiac. It is grown in Northeastern China, Korea, and far eastern Siberia. It is often known as a general well-being drug since it affects many systems within the body.

I have personally used several aphrodisiacs such as Maca extract, L-Arginine HCL, Panax Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris 60%, Guarana 8% and Caffeine and I have finally settled on Panax Ginseng. I use the Korean Red Ginseng, a specific form of Panax ginseng to improve my sexual drive. It works best in post-menopausal women like me.

Panax Ginseng is taken by mouth and can be used by both men and women to improve their sex drive. It is taken in doses of between 200mg to 400mg daily for general “preventative” medication although some studies indicate usage of the drug in multivitamin suggest doses as low as 40mg could be bioactive. Panax Ginseng contains many active ingredients believed to be most important which are called ginsenosides or panaxosides. It is used by men with erectile dysfunction and can also be applied to prevent premature ejaculation.

Benefits of Panax Ginseng

Reduces inflammation

Studies have shown that ginsenoside compounds and ginseng extracts could prevent inflammation and improve capacity in cells.

For example, one test tube experiment showed that Korean red ginseng extract minimized inflammation and enhanced antioxidant activity in cells from people suffering from Eczema.

May benefit brain function

Panax Ginseng consumption could improve mood, memory, and behavior. Some test tube and animal studies have indicated that components such as ginsenosides and compound K could shield the brain against damage by free radicals.

Could improve erectile dysfunction

Studies have shown that compounds in Panax ginseng may help decrease oxidative stress in the blood vessels and tissues in penis and may help restore normal body function.

May boost immunity

Some Panax Ginseng’s experiments that focused on stomach cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or surgery treatment have shown significant improvement in their immunity.

May have potential benefits against cancer

Panax ginseng may reduce the risk of developing certain cancers.

Ginsenosides in this herb have indicated to regulate inflammation and give antioxidant protection and maintain the health of the cells.

May fight fatigue and increase energy levels

Components in Panax ginseng such as polysaccharides and oligopeptides have shown to lower oxidative stress and improve energy production in cells which could assist in fighting tiredness.

Could lower blood sugar

Panax ginseng has shown to help in the control of blood sugar in people with or without diabetes. The compounds in the herb have indicated to enhance pancreatic cell function by increasing the manufacture of insulin and boosting ingestion of blood sugar in tissues.

Neutral effects of Panax Ginseng

Studies have indicated that ginseng could elevate blood pressure. This has raised concern since 4.5% of American adults use Ginseng.

The results of a study conducted on American adults who use ginseng on blood pressure indicate that North American ginseng exerts a neutral intense effect on blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

Herb will positively impact your body

I recommend this herb since it will positively impact your body without a doubt. With numerous positive effects and few side effects, this is the Aphrodisiac to settle on.

With the drug`s enhancement of antioxidant activity in cells, it helps reduce inflammation, fatigue, and reduction in the risk of cancer. Panax Ginseng is in Spanish Fly Pro and is powerful for many users.


There are a variety of Aphrodisiacs in the market but due to the numerous positive effects that come with Panax Ginseng, the herb has unbeatable performance and will undoubtedly improve your well-being.

It has been of help to me within the past few years and I can proudly say that this is the perfect Aphrodisiac for you.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

My Experience With Tribulus Terrestris

For a long time, I have been trying to get the ideal sexual enhancer where I have tried many herbal aphrodisiacs. As a professional woman who specializes in herbal enhancers, I was very frustrated because nothing seemed to work. Some of the herbal enhancers I had tried and are available in Spanish Fly Pro include Maca extract and Panax Ginseng. The ones that worked usually came with a lot of negative effects which outweighed their benefits.

Most of the ones I tried did not produce the desired results and as a result, I kept on trying. This is until I came across Tribulus Terrestris. At first, I thought that this is just another enhancer which will disappoint me just like the others. But after researching more about this particular herb I became more curious and decided to give it a try.

Used since the ancient times

Some of the qualities I liked about Tribulus Terrestris include that it has been used since the ancient times. This means that the plants that make this herb was being used by the ancient people.

The people who lived in those days had already identified the medicinal benefits of this particular plant. Because of this, I knew that this herbal enhancer must have certain outstanding qualities that make it effective. This gave me more courage to try it out.

Reviews and testimonials from other people

I also went through the many reviews and testimonials from other people who had already used this particular herbal enhancer. I noticed that almost all the people who had written testimonials and reviews have benefited from using it.

The people who had written testimonials and reviews about Tribulus Terrestris were more passionate and had a lot of positive things to say about this herbal aphrodisiac. This further encouraged me to go ahead and use it so that I could enjoy the benefits on my own.

Herbal enhancer which is very strong

Before using this herbal enhancer I had to go through its features to make sure that I was using it in the right manner. One of the important aspects I identified about this herbal enhancer is that it is very strong. It is so strong that users are advised to take breaks of one week after using it for two consecutive weeks. The one week break is meant to give the body time to react on the effects of the herbal enhancer.

The recommended dosage is a maximum of 1, 200mg per day. This means that while taking this herbal enhancer you should not exceed this recommended dosage because it will not work and in some situations, it might even have negative effects.

Herb can be used by both men and women

I also came to realize that Tribulus Terrestris can be used by both men and women. This means that it is not meant for only one gender. Instead, anyone who would like to enjoy the benefits of this herb can just go ahead and use it. All that you need to ensure is that you do not have underlying health conditions especially liver problems.

This is because this herbal enhancer affects the liver and other parts of the body. It is always important to undergo checkups before starting to use this herbal enhancer to make sure you do not have any underlying health condition.

Qualities of the herbal aphrodisiac

When I was satisfied with the qualities of this herbal aphrodisiac I decided to start using it. In the first day, I did not feel any effect and everything was normal. But within two to four days I started experiencing some changes. Some of the benefits I enjoyed after using this herbal enhancer include having improved sexual drive.

I was also able to feel more energetic where I did not feel fatigues as easily as I used to before starting to use the enhancer. I was also able to concentrate more where I worked without being distracted by anxiety. The wonderful thing is that my sleeping schedule was not disrupted. This is unlike some herbal aphrodisiacs found in Spanish Fly Pro which I had tried such as Maca and Panax Ginseng.


After my experience with Tribulus Terrestris, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to use a safe and effective herbal enhancer. This herb is available in Spanish Fly Pro and as a result, you can easily get it. After using it you will get to enjoy the different benefits including having an improved sex drive and being energetic at all times.

You just need to use it in the right manner and ensure that you do not have underlying health conditions. Therefore, as a professional woman who specializes in herbal enhancers, I would recommend Tribulus Terrestris to anyone who would like to enjoy the benefits which I have already enjoyed.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Gluconate

Who Should Use Zinc and Why It’s Important

In my 20 years as a professional herbalist never did I think that I would one day use any herbal enhancer. I’m a woman in my mid-40s, happily married and with four kids. Being a professional woman and also a mom and wife can be overwhelming and can strain your sexual life. My intimate life with my husband was becoming dull, and I needed something to steam things up.

That’s when I decided to use my knowledge as a herbalist to try out the sexual aphrodisiac offered by the zinc herb. And what I can say is that since I used the zinc gluconate herb, my husband is one happy man!

As a herbalist, I get to try out a lot of herbs and aphrodisiacs like caffeine, Panax ginseng, guarana 8%, maca extract-arginine and the Tibullus Terrestris 60%. It’s essential for a herbalist to try out these herbs and aphrodisiac enhancers so that I can have the first-hand experience before selling them to my clients. You can get all these herbs in Spanish Fly Pro.

Who Can Use Zinc Gluconate

Zinc gluconate can be used by any person as long as you have a doctor’s prescription. The herb should be taken correctly as it is written on the label or according to the doctor’s prescription. You should take zinc gluconate with a full glass of water. If your stomach is easily agitated like mine, you can take zinc gluconate with food.

Your doctor might change you zinc gluconate dosage regularly to ensure that you get the best results. The recommendation of the dosage of zinc gluconate depends on the age of a person.

Benefits of Zinc Gluconate to Both Men and Women

  • It Increases Your Sexual Health and Libido – Before my husband and I used zinc gluconate, we had a boring sex life, but since we started using zinc gluconate our sex life has never been better. Scientifically zinc affects tester one hence the intake of zin will increase your libido.
  • Helps With Prostate Health – Once I had a patient who was suffering from prostate tumor growth, and once I administered a dosage of zinc gluconate, the tumor was suppressed after a few months. Intake of zinc gluconate will lower your chances of getting prostate cancer if you are a man.
  • Prevents and Treats Cold – There’s a time that I had a severe cold, and I couldn’t go to work or cater to my family, and I decided to use a zinc gluconate nose spray. The cold was gone in less than two days, and I was back to being my happy self. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a nasal spray, you can use zinc lozenges.

Neutral Effects of Zinc

  • Gluconate Upset Stomach
  • Nausea


With the day to day life, you can find that as a wife or husband you are overwhelmed and don’t have intimacy with your partner. You should use zinc gluconate as a sexual aphrodisiac to enhance your sex life with your spouse. You can find zinc gluconate in Spanish fly Pro. It can be used by any person and is very powerful when taken in the correct dosages.

If you are suffering from colds, prostate tumor growth or low libido, I would recommend the use of this herb as it works efficiently and will leave you a happy person.