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Miriam has done a lot of research on both herbal enhancers and marine life. The findings of her research have been used by several people to express themselves. Miriam tried to find the causes of variation in movement and feeding behavior between wave-exposed and wave predatory snails while in the New England rocky intertidal. She did this by manipulating and observing substrate complexity, temperatures, and vertical distribution. She wished to find and discover more about the effect of physical stress on the efficiency of the predators. Her study mainly focused on the true nature of the garbage patch and tiny pieces scattered over the vast areas of the areas of the Pacific Ocean and how they influence the marine life.

She was also mentioned in an article by the CNN when she came up with an initiative to clean up the Pacific Ocean. She and her colleagues said that the dirt in the Pacific Ocean was such a huge patch and although they will face difficulties in cleaning it up, they will do it because the marine creatures deserve a clean place to stay.