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Science Links

Plastic Data
Data archive on plastic abundance, type, size, and more. Data is from SEAPLEX, EX1006, and other cruises.

Interesting figures that didn't quite fit into a publication.

SEAPLEX Technical Page
Scientific information on SEAPLEX, including event log, participants, dynamic cruise map.

SEAPLEX Outreach
Site maintained by SIO Communications. Includes high-resolution photos and video for download.

SEAPLEX Lesson Plans
Lesson plans developed by teachers based on SEAPLEX work.

NOAA Marine Debris Program
Highly recommended for the latest science on marine debris. I especially recommend the Frequently Asked Questions.

A growing online community for sharing knowledge on research, management, and prevention of ocean litter.

Organization, Program and Lab Links

I've been fortunate to be associated with many wonderful organizations and programs. Here's a list of some of them.

The Office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier
My current workplace.

The Office of Senator Edward J. Markey
The second part of my Knauss fellowship.

House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee Democrats
The first part of my Knauss fellowship.

Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship
The fellowship that launched my policy career.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Graduate school.

California Current Ecosystem Long Term Ecological Research Site
My graduate school research home.

Scripps Pelagic Invertebrates Collection
My other graduate school research home.

Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
Using interdisciplinary tools to make a difference in the study and conservation of marine biodiversity. This is where I got my start in learning to communicate science.

Sea Education Association
I was fortunate to sail with them as a visiting researcher, and think it's the best high school/undergraduate education in oceanography that's out there.

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates program
How I got my start in independent research as an undergrad. Highly recommended.

Witman Lab
My undergraduate research home.

Fun Links

Deep Sea News. My blogging home since January 2010. (on hiatus)

Follow me on Twitter or on Google+ (on hiatus). But you can find my Deepling colleagues at #DeepSN.

Science Seeker. A website that "collects posts from hundreds of science blogs around the world, so you can find the latest science news and discussion on any topic."

So You Want to Be a Marine Biologist. By Milton Love, fish biologist extraordinaire. For all those wanting to become a marine biologist in order to commune with the mystical dolphin spirits. I offer more concrete advice here.